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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Well.. My last day is coming...

Thanks God...

I'm free.. but i lost 2.4k, after i leave the company...


ok.. stop it.. really dun wan to mention it again and again... shit...

thanks to all my fren... & my coll.. i love you all
Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I'm SMART.. haha.. sometimes i think that i'm so stupid like a dump..
alwasy do not know how to react..
always get bully my my fren..(is a kind of fren bully)..

evan when i just join new company, i will get bully..
maybe i'm new.. so get treated like this.. i will cry..

But now is ok, i will try protect myself, by using my own way.. haha
i'm thinking that i become smarter & smarter..
hehe.. i think i know how to play "tai chi" hehe..

Anyway, i notice that face differnt ppl, different way need to be used.
i not sure whether this is good or bad..
but i do believe, as long as i not hurt ppl, than is ok..
Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Last Week at ChassAsia..

Finally this is my last week leave the company..
No comment at all..
feel sad that i leave my colleague
feel sad that i yet to get Job.
feel sad that i'm Jobless.
feel sad that i dun have $$

feel happy that i leave the hell.
feel happy that i'm free for this moment
feel happy that i do not need paid the shit surety.
feel happy that i learn something from here.
feel happy that i'm not the only one leave...

base on the scenario..
I'm Jobless now & looking for job.
Feel free to conduct me if you need me..
Monday, June 16, 2008

I hate myself..
i disappointed on myself..
now even know wat i want..
wat i use to be?
25 years old, nothing in my life..

no house, no car.. i dun have anything...
i'm still young?? not really agree..

I'm too choosy?maybe?
But what the hell going on??
What i want?
Dear God please give me a hints...
Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Message from a dear fren.. Today receive a mail & sms from a fren..
a short but sweet message..
I always wish to be fren forever with everyone..
but sometimes i ask myself is it ALL?
or just few of them?
i not sure... confusing..
i think the answer from me is, everyone tat wish to be my fren i hope the answer is yes..
Friends dosent need alot, as long as he/she is your true fren..
A fren that can share among each other..
Monday, June 9, 2008

Saturday, May 31, 2008

...25th - 28th April Bangkok Trip...

Waitting for my flight
Bangkok Trip...
I ord postpone 1 Month to update my Bangkok Trip..
4D3N trip.. rushing trip, but enjoying..
Air ticket + accommodation(5 star Hotel + breakfast) =RM650

I use about 9000 Bath..
Ppl in the journey: Ginny, Yi Jian, Weng, Arthur..
Ready to Fly....

First Time "On Air"
haha.. First time take flight..
very excited.. keep on take photo on the plane..

But i cant see any leng lui or leng cai on the plane :(
is a nice view when u see the cloud..
is in so high..haha..
when i inside the plane, i feel like it fly so slow..
We are reached...
Thailand here we are... haha....
when almost reach bangkok.. i think the environment abit "messy"
the airport is damn nice than Malaysia Air port...

In the bangkok International Airport

Menam River Side hotel...

is a nice hotel.. 5 star hotel ya...
the staff is nice.. first time i give tips to them.. hhaa.. give 20bath.. haha.. pai seh.. i not rich ok
Plan for our first day journey

First day in Bangkok..
as our plan, go eat dinner in china town....
we order, crab, tom yam kung, fried oyster, big head prawn.. fried rice..

nice tom yam kung
fried oyster